I'm Alicia, Bucks for Pups' founder and sole baker and I've been whipping up confections nearly my entire life. I attribute my passion and talent for baking to my influential mother, grandmother, and great grandmother (and my Easy Bake Oven circa 1989)! 

Bucks for Pups was born in honor of my late brother, Jeremy, who absolutely loved The Ohio State Buckeyes football team, always devoured my classic Buckeye in a single bite, and never met a dog he didn't immediately love. He is well missed, well loved, and well remembered through Bucks for Pups Confections!

I've introduced this often unfamiliar treat to people around the world including New Zealand, England, California, Massachusetts, and everywhere in between! Give your tastebuds a treat while simultaneously helping homeless pups with Bucks for Pups Confections!


Columbus, OH, USA

(614) 561-3934

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