Are BPC Buckeyes for dogs or humans?

Our classic Buckeyes are intended for human consumption only! If your pup is jealous and wants some pup-safe Buckeyes, we sell Buckeyes for dogs from a Columbus all natural dog bakery, The Cakehound. Check out our online store for more info.

Do you ship?

We do! Simply select US Shipping option at checkout. The Buckeyes are sent USPS Express Mail 1-3 days. Disclaimer: They may not arrive as seen in photos especially depending on location, weather and season because, well, chocolate! 


What is the difference between your two Buckeye varieties?

We offer two different types of Buckeyes. Our Refrigerator Buddies Buckeyes are our long-time-standing famous recipe. Our classic Refrigerator Buddies have a unique chocolate shell that requires refrigeration or the crispy shell will soften at room temperature. Our Room Temp(tation) Buckeyes are intended to sit out at room temperature without softening. These are ideal for weddings & shipping. Edible paraffin wax is never added to our Buckeyes, rather a high quality couverture is used to achieve a sophisticated and beautiful appearance for your event or shipped gift. 

Where is your shop located?

Right now, we're strictly a cottage bakery which means all products are made in my home kitchen. Located in the Clintonville neighborhood, Columbus has always been and always will be our home!


How do I get my Buckeyes if I choose local pickup?

Once your order is placed & purchased, you will receive an email detailing pickup information. Pickup is completely contactless and at your convenience. There is no set pickup time, however, we ask that you pickup during typical business hours, any day of the week.  

Do you offer same-day pickup?

We typically offer same-day pickup for our Refrigerator Buddies only, depending on stock. Simply select Local Pickup on the checkout page and then email or call/text us to check for same-day pickup availability at or (614) 561-3934. 

Do you deliver orders?

We do! Simply select Home Delivery at checkout. Deliveries inside I-270 outer belt are $5 and deliveries outside I-270 outer belt are $7 and will automatically be added to your order. Free delivery is offered to Marysville and Clintonville residents. Deliveries are subject to 3-5 business day turn around. Same-day delivery is never available.

How far in advance should I order?

The sooner the better! Same-day pickup is typically available for Refrigerator Buddies but sometimes our turn around time is 1-4 days. Feel free to text us to check same-pick availability, (614) 561-3934.


Do you cater desserts or favors for weddings?

We do! For weddings, we prefer at least 3-4 months notice, but feel free to email us and check our availability.

Do you offer Gluten Free or Vegan options?

Yes! Our Buckeyes are naturally gluten free and we have a vegan Buckeye on our menu!


How long will my Buckeyes stay fresh?

The shelf life for the Refrigerated Buddies Buckeyes is 6 weeks. The shelf life for the Room Temp(tation) Buckeyes is about 1 week. You can always freeze our Buckeyes to keep them fresh for longer! Just throw the box in the freezer and you’re set!

Columbus, OH, USA

(614) 561-3934

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